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Configuring AMXX

This section here describes how to configure the amxx 0.20. It includes how to install amx and metamod, how to configure amx for metamod, how to intall and configure extra plugins for amx and how to configure amx.

This tutorial will not go into what each of the modules or plugins do. It will only explain how to install them.

  1. Installing AMX
  2. Configuring Metamod
  3. Configuring Modules
  4. Configuring Plugins
  5. Configuring It all for CS

Installing AMX

  1. Extract amxx to half-life\cstrike\
  2. Extract metamod to half-life\cstrike\addons\metamod\dlls
  3. Extract any other addons you have like statsme to half-life\cstrike\addons\addon-folder

Configuring Metamod for AMX

In your metamod folder there will be a file called plugins.ini. If it isn't there then create it. You need to open plugins.ini and then add:
win32 addons/amxmodx/dlls/amxmodx_mm.dll

Configuring AMX Modules

AMXX comes with some modules by default.

You have to declare the modules in modules.ini in the configs folder. All modules will be in the file, but disabled. To enable a module remove the ";" from in front of the name of the module. You only need to enable fun, csx and cstrike.

Example modules.ini


Configuring Plugins

The last file to configure is the amxx plugins.ini. It is located in amx\configs. To configure this file you just have to include every plugin in the folder that you want to use. You put the full name of the plugin without the directory path. eg.


All plugins will already be in the list, to remove one add a ";" in front of its name

If you don't want to include a plugin you don't have to declare it. It doesn't matter if it is in the folder, as long as it isn't declared it won't be used.

Configuring Everything for CS

The last thing to do is to configure everything for cs. You need to open up liblist.gam in half-life\cstrike. There should be a line that says "gamedll dlls\mp.dll" or something like that. Change it to "gamedll addons\metamod\dlls\metamod.dll" without the quotation marks.

This concludes the amxx v0.20 tutorial. If you have any questions feel free to email us.

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