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Welcome to the home of the AMX Configurer. The AMX Configurer is a program that is designed to allow people to configure their Counter Strike servers with AMX installed. The program has got all of the variable AMX commands built into it so that you can change whichever ones you want, then it writes it to the appropriate amx.cfg file.

The AMX Configurer has support for two versions of amx and amxmodx. A server.cfg creator is coming soon.

Update 3/3/2007

It looks like we might as well call this dead. I don't know how many people use it, and I have no idea how buggy it is. I've completed my first year of uni and gone on to bigger and better things. My major project that I am taking on now is Project Freedom, an open source first person shooter. Our website is at

Update 4/6/2006

The AMX Configurer v2.4 has been released. There is now a users.ini configurer which can edit existing users.ini files and create new ones. There is minimal documentation for now, so read the release notes for more information.

Update 12/5/2006

It looks like both of my developers have deserted me. This is a bit of setback since I now have to fix up half completed buggy code that someone else wrote. The saving system (except for server.cfg which is already done) is not going to be implemented unless someone else wants to do it. It will take too long and it is just boring programming that I don't have time to do. However there is another upgrade that will be implemented. This upgrade is the half done thing before my developer deserted me. Although it is a setback it is doable and should be done in the next month or two.

AMX 1.70 released

AMX v1.70 has been released. It adds major optimization and has a new menu system. It is a very feature packed release and is the fastest amxmodx release yet. It can be downloaded from None of the amxx.cfg commands have changed, so the amx configurer v2.3 still works with it.

Update 2 - 28/1/2006

I have released version 2.3 of the amx configurer. It can be downloaded along with the release notes at

Update 28/1/2006

I am working flat out today to finish the save your configuration feature. It is a lot of work and as a result I will not be implementing it for the amx configurations. To do so I will have to do what I just did three more times. If anyone else wants to implement it then feel free to do so. After I finish this the next thing I will do is add an admin configurer. It will be a graphical tool to add, delete and view current admins as in your users.ini file.

Update 14/8/2005

I haven't given up on this, and it isn't dead. The full version of 2.3 will be coming out some time soon. I still have to implement the saving your configuration feature. I have been quite busy with other things and haven't had much time to work on this. But I will resume work soon.

AMX Mod X 1.50 beta was released a while ago. It features a large amount of improvements including decreases CPU and memory usage. You can read more at
It needs metamod 1.18 or metamod-p24 to run. You can get that at

AMX Mod X 1.01 has been released, they have updated their Natural Selection module, updated the way MySQL works, optimised it for metamod-p and fixed a few bugs. You can read the full changelog and notes at

The AMX Mod X team are currently working on sourcemod, this will be the half life 2 version of amx mod x. Once it is released we will begin working on the AMX Configurer for sourcemod.


We have tutorials for configuring counter strike and installing various versions of amx.

Tutorials Page

Setting up a Server

Configuring AMX

Configuring AMX 0.9.9

Configuring AMXX 1.0


You can download the AMX Configurer at the downloads page.

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